Sunday, April 5, 2009

Keeping Reiki Alive....

Two Things To Keep Your Reiki Path Alive..

There are two things that you might consider worthwhile if you are taking up Reiki training for the first time, or picking it up again after a bit of a break..

1. Use it.

Reiki needs to be used. Sounds simple. But, getting a daily spiritual practise happening is one of the hardest things you will probably ever do. I used to live in a Buddhist center and was briefly on the center’s organizing committee.. and the joke used to be that even changing a light bulb can be an impossible task.. because when great benefit can come from a task, even a simple one like changing a light bulb, or giving yourself 10 minutes of Reiki everyday, it can be extremely hard to execute. So, a tip.. send Reiki to everything that would be considered an block to your goal of “doing” Reiki everyday. Whether that is no time, or too much time, or laziness, or tiredness, or whatever..

2. Dont quit.

No-one can do it for you. No-one is actually going to support you very much, either. And, if they do.. make sure you recognize the value of that person.

Reiki is about healing.

If you think you are all healed. Then maybe you should be focussing your healing on that mis-conception. This is not meant to be depressing. Because, truthfully, if you give yourself Reiki everyday for 5 years, you will likely be the brightest star in the sky around you.. but, the reality is that many people are not looking for growth, at least not on the surface.. and most people are scared of challenging the status quo, or being challenged themselves by seeing some-one grow (up). Don’t rely, emotionally, on anyone else’s feedback to keep going.. that is not the most stable way to stay with your practise. Develop your own inner guide, and passion.

Excerpt from Reiki Blogger